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Read the kind words tour members are using to describe Sabine Casparie's London contemporary art tours. Enjoy London's vibrant art scene for yourself and register for an upcoming tour.

Testimonials from art tour participants


"Sabine took us on a fascinating tour of the art galleries in Fitzrovia.  She is an erudite and delightful individual.  She opened our eyes to artists and places which we would not have found on our own. Highly recommended"
Graham and Sybil Papworth

"Sabine opened my eyes to the blossoming world of contemporary art galleries that I never knew existed in London.  And I have lived here for over 13 years! Her tours will be a cultural highlight of the year!" - Tanya

"Inspirational tour along a few galleries here in Houston organized by Sabine Casparie. All hidden gems. Thank you for taking us Sabine!" - Sylvia Beijnink

"You do not need an art background to enjoy these tours as Sabine does a wonderful job explaining the art in simple terms. Highly recommended!" - Bianca


Children’s tours

“I have been on Sabine’s art tour twice and really liked it. She explains everything really well”
- Daan, 9

“My brother & I enjoyed the Animality exhibition the most from the tour. The funniest part was a video with a crow squawking '1 o'clock, 2 o'clock' and so on but my absolute favourite was an enormous Octopus model which was just so realistic!” Oscar, 11

"I saw 3D objects that were weird and beautiful all at the same time. Sabine is very chatty and is fun to be with. You will never get bored during these mysterious and interesting one of a kind art tours. The galleries are in places you’ve never discovered or seen on a map before. During one of her art tours we went to three galleries in London, one was about a Brazilian lady who used things that are from carnival materials and pottery to make sculptures, also there was one with a mixture of different artists, animal painting’s, sculptures and so on. Last but not least an Indian artist who took black and white pictures. I felt like my brain was going to explode with all this info and ideas. So if you come to one of Smart Sabine’s art tours I hope you enjoy because I did" - Caitlin, 11


"Sabine has the right combination of knowledge, clarity and sensitivity- Henriette

"I always read your blog with pleasure and it gives me a broader view on the various forms that contemporary art takes- Pieter van Oppenraaij

3 boys sat behind a pink octopus during a London art gallery tour